Why Choose Enable


Don’t just take our word for it. Read what individuals we have helped over the years say about us.


“My parents want to age in their own home, not in an institution. With help from Enable’s In Home supports, we are making that possible.”


“My home modification has changed my life and now I can finally leave my home without anxiety. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I can finally feel safe in my home!”


“I used to feel like a caged bird when in the institutions. This is a much better life and I feel much better.”


“I love living here — it feels like a home away from home. I love the staff and other consumers. It’s a good place to open up to new experiences and a great place to lay my head.”


“Parents want a stable environment for their child. Enable is a good place mentally and physically for my child. There is 24-hour supervision and the staff has my child’s best interests at heart.”


“What makes Enable unique is that it is not institutional but has a family-oriented approach.”


“I spent years fighting to get my son what he needed. Then I met Alice from Enable. She found a group home only a few miles away from our house. From day one, my son felt at home there. He comes home on weekends but is always eager to get back to his group home. Ever since Enable came into our lives, we haven’t had to fight anymore.”


“We wanted our son to have reliable, compassionate caregivers. At Enable we got everything we wanted — and more!”


“Enable fundamentally changed the life of ‘Tim’ (name has been changed) this past year. From the age of two, Tim lived in an institution for 42 years. As he is non-verbal, we were told that he was unable to communicate what he wanted. However, within months of moving into an Enable group home with Enable behaviorists guiding staff who work with him each day, Tim is now able to express his desires using cards: what he wants for dinner; when he wants his hair combed. These simple things that you and I might take for granted are milestones for people like Tim.”


“I sleep better at night knowing that my child is safe at home because of Enable’s caring staff.”


“Thank you for all you have done and will do for my family. My daughter ‘Julie’ (name has been changed) has cerebral palsy, is non-verbal, and uses a wheelchair. Seeing her smile every day and knowing she is happy brings our family and friends comfort. We are stress-free.”


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Louis' Story


When Louis’ aging parents moved to assisted living, they worried about who would care for their son, who has a developmental disability. Enable stepped in, partnering with the Eatontown Borough Council and the Affordable Housing Alliance to transform Louis’ family home into a group home.

With Enable’s help, Louis’ home was modified to include accessibility features including a lift and ramps in front and back, along with a whole house generator to ensure safety and power in case of an emergency. Some of Enable’s many volunteers helped with painting bedrooms and cleaning up the yard.

When the renovation was complete, Mayor Gerald Tarantolo welcomed Louis back to his home, describing him as a “fixture” in the borough. Louis now lives there with his new family: three male roommates. Enable continues to provide 24/7 care and support.