Children with Disabilities

Trust. Compassion. Caring. When it comes to your child, we understand that these are the most important criteria when considering outside care. From toddlers to teens, parents count on Enable to help their children grow and flourish, while getting the support and services they need in their own homes.  


Enable’s In Home Support services provide children with the support they need to remain living at home and to be active in the community. Our programs foster independence, integration, individualization, self-determination, and productivity while honoring each individual’s cultural background. We also work cooperatively with other providers that are supporting the individual.  


Enable is qualified by the State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families to provide services for eligible children, youth and young adults under age 21. This includes:

Self pay options are available. Enable is also a qualified Medicaid provider.

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Anthony, who has cerebral palsy and developmental delays, loves school. As a child, his mother carried him up and down the stairs from their home to the street. When he grew, his father had to carry Anthony to the school bus. His father was often late to work. He would have to leave early to meet Anthony's bus and carry him back inside. During inclement weather, Anthony suffered illnesses from exposure to bad weather.

Enable’s In Home Services installed a ramp. Now Anthony stays indoors until the bus arrives. He has fewer illnesses. And his father gets to work on time. The ramp is portable which allows the family to remove it and take it with them when they relocated from one home to another in West Windsor.