About Us

Enable Homes, LLC

In 2013, Enable created Enable Homes, LLC as a subsidiary to acquire, own and manage properties to be used to provide services to people we serve. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Enable, Inc., Enable Homes, LLC is a charitable organization with a shared mission of ensuring that people with disabilities can live full and productive lives in our New Jersey communities.   Through the Special Needs Housing Partnership Loan Program, Enable Homes, LLC took ownership of our group home in Eatontown, NJ in 2014. Additional properties will be added in the coming years.

For more information about Enable Homes, LLC
Please contact Enable’s business office by calling 609-987-5003 or emailing info@enablenj.org.  

Staying Busy, Staying Happy


Born with cerebral palsy, Chris began receiving services from Enable over 20 years ago when he moved into an Enable group home. He eventually gained the confidence to move out onto his own and, for the past seven years, has been living in his own apartment.

Now 45 years old, Chris loves the independence of living on his own, and has found many ways to stay active through Enable’s programs and resources. Whenever Chris wants to go out—whether to the mall, the movies, or to grab a bite to eat—he calls Access Link for a ride. He also loves to participate in community activities, play games, and work on arts and crafts projects through Enable’s Day Services.

Chris also works two part-time jobs—one as an elevator attendant for Sovereign Bank Arena, and the other as an office helper. “Work is one of the things I do that makes me the happiest,” said Chris. He considers himself a joker at heart and loves making people laugh. “I have a good sense of humor,” Chris shared. “People in my presence are always laughing at something I do or say.”