Disabilities in NJ

About Us

Enable provides services, resources and support for adults and children with disabilities and seniors in New Jersey. Founded in 1989 as a nonprofit, Enable has been recognized as a leader in its field for more than 28 years, offering proven experience and a commitment to excellence that extends across all of our services.


From in home services and supports to outside programs and living arrangements, Enable ensures that your loved ones are safe and happy, both at home and in the community. We create an environment that promotes independence, engages those we serve in meaningful experiences, and builds community connections – enabling every individual to live a full life.

For individuals with disabilities

Enable offers community living, in home supports and a range of outside programs to adults and children with cognitive and/or physical disabilities

For seniors

As our population ages, seniors and their caregivers are increasingly looking for the perfect balance of independence and community, self-sufficiency and support, happiness and safety. Enable offers a variety of services for seniors to ensure they can safely and comfortably age in place.

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For more information, call our Admissions Coordinator today at 609-987-5003 or email admissions@enablenj.org.


Staying Busy, Staying Happy


Born with cerebral palsy, Chris began receiving services from Enable over 20 years ago when he moved into an Enable group home. He eventually gained the confidence to move out onto his own and, for the past seven years, has been living in his own apartment.

Now 45 years old, Chris loves the independence of living on his own, and has found many ways to stay active through Enable’s programs and resources. Whenever Chris wants to go out—whether to the mall, the movies, or to grab a bite to eat—he calls Access Link for a ride. He also loves to participate in community activities, play games, and work on arts and crafts projects through Enable’s Day Services.

Chris also works two part-time jobs—one as an elevator attendant for Sovereign Bank Arena, and the other as an office helper. “Work is one of the things I do that makes me the happiest,” said Chris. He considers himself a joker at heart and loves making people laugh. “I have a good sense of humor,” Chris shared. “People in my presence are always laughing at something I do or say.”