Day Program Participants Visit Terhune Orchards
Jason reaches for an apple in the orchard

In early September, seven men who attend the Day Program visited Terhune Orchards in Princeton, N.J. Terhune Orchards is a family-owned farm that produces over 35 crops, nearly half of them devoted to orchards. Throughout the growing season, the public is invited to visit the farm and pick fresh fruit and vegetables.

While at the farm, the men walked throughout the orchards and picked the types of apples that are particularly popular this time of year--the Gala and MacIntosh. Consumer Jason Connett was thrilled that he was able to pick apples and would love to go back again.

The men really enjoyed themselves. “They love being outside and the weather was so nice that we were able to eat our lunch under an outdoor tent,” Peter Elijah said, one of the staff that accompanied the men.