In-Home Services and Supports to Assist Independent Living

Individuals who live in the community on their own or with their families may need assistance in many different ways in order to be as independent as possible. Enable provides help, for example, with routine daily living tasks and personal care, transportation, or with managing finances or negotiating other services and supports that are needed. Services provided are based on the wants and needs of the consumers and their families. Assistance varies from a few hours a week to over 100 hours a week. Enable provides over 35,000 hours of care each year.

Persons served may be single, married couples, and parents with children. Services and supports may be paid for through grants from the State of New Jersey’s Division of Developmental Disabilities, other types of grants from foundations and local governments, through donations or fees for services. These funds may be available through programs known as Challenge Grants, Supported Living, Real Life Choices, or Self-Directed. Enable is a partner in two collaboratives supported by the United Way of Greater Mercer. Thus, you may also access in-home services and supports through Project Connect or Partners in Caring—the names of the two collaboratives.